Worrying about the Future with Covid-19

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By Diane Cerven, LPCC

I’ve heard many worries that the virus will be around for the next 1-2 years. We don’t know what the future holds and, because of that, we need to modify our thinking and not worry about tomorrow. I know this can be hard, especially for those that try to keep control in their lives but if you focus on the things that you have control over your worries will decrease and that will lead to a decrease in stress.

Create Your New Normal

Things could change again shortly, in which case you will adapt again, but with the information that you have today create your new normal. Organize, schedule, and plan for today with today’s information. Remember that we can take care of our needs, those around us, and still be ok.

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Get the Help You Need as You Need it

There are many who have been able to get government help for their businesses/employees, unemployment, and from friends and neighbors. Keep looking for the help and asking for help. This is an unprecedented situation that we are all doing the best in. Do what you need to do for today.

Keep Yourself, Your Family and Others Safe

Some are wearing thin of the precautions and the shut downs. Do what you know to stay safe and keep other’s safe. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, take care of you and yours. It only adds unnecessary stress to get anxious, angry, or depressed about other people’s actions. Focus on you and do what you know is needed, that’s all that you’re in charge of.

Take One Day at a Time

You can manage today, just as you’ve managed in the past. Keep it simple, keep in your control what is in your control, and then let the rest go. When your mind tries to take off with the future or with other people, stop it, remind yourself of what you can take care of (ps that’s yourself and your immediate family like your children), and what you are doing. Everything else let it go.

There are many things that we don’t know. Worrying about what could happen will only strain us. It won’t stop the future or change it in anyway, other than the effects stress has on our own bodies. Go back to today, organize, plan, and take today’s worries only. In reality, you only have this moment, and you can handle this moment.

Do you need extra help?

If you feel that you need extra help because your anxiety feels too big, we’re here for you. Give us a call. We’re offering mostly online counseling at this time, with a few clinicians offering face to face. Call us at 218-366-9229, Park Rapids, or 218-444-2233, Bemidji.


Diane Cerven, LPCC



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Isaiah Chalmers Joins Bemidji ARMHS Team

Feedback from LCA clients:

My ARMHS staff is awesome!  She has helped me make progress in many areas of my life.  I have better relationships now.

I like that the staff are flexible with scheduling.

The receptionist knew my name after the second visit...very friendly!

My children's counselors are awesome.  I've seen huge progress in both my kids.

I have a great therapist.  I appreciate her assistance!

Easy to get to.  Very friendly people willing to help.

The appointment times work well with my schedule.  My children get along well with their therapists.

Easy to work with.  Made me feel comfortable!

My therapist was very, very kind and is an awesome problem solver.

Friendly and helpful atmosphere.  Feel at ease walking in.

I love coming to LCA.  Everybody is so friendly and make you feel so much better.

My son and daughter are making steps toward our family goals!

My therapist is great!  Of all the therapists we've had over the years, she understands our family and kids the best.  Very helpful!

Everyone was very helpful.  I'm glad I called to get help!

All the staff were friendly and helpful.  They answered all my questions.

I am so thankful I was directed here!

Location is great and the staff is excellent with customer service.  Therapy is also professional and comfortable.

Therapy at LCA has helped my progress immensely!

I appreciated being treated normally, even though I was getting help with a difficult situation.

My child's therapist is awesome!  So helpful and relates well to the whole family.

Her thoughtfulness and her knowledge of helping people with depression is what I need to achieve my goals!

You are all warm, welcoming and so very helpful!  Thank you!!

My therapist is a life saver! :-)

Greatly appreciate having the option of Christian Counseling and being able to filter issues through that lens!

I always feel that my therapist is listening to what I have to say and helping me come up with practical ways to deal with things.

I appreciate the text/phone reminders.

They were open to my opinion of which counselor I see.

Quick and easy to get an appointment.  Friendly, helpful staff.

The receptionist staff have been amazing.  They are friendly and caring.  You can tell they enjoy their job.

Good location, feels very professional and confidential!

They matched me with the perfect therapist!

The staff members are always well informed and ready to help/answer questions.

They work with your schedule and do whatever they can to help you.

My therapist understands my child's needs and listens.

Our counselor wanted to meet our entire family to find out how to better help our son.  She offered lots of suggestions and things to help us in the long term.

She's thinking through things with me instead of just giving directions.  It shows that she cares.

Very welcoming place.  We love our therapist!

When we come in for an appointment, the reception staff always has a friendly smile on her face.

I had a person to talk with about my problems and my problems are getting better.

I love the comfortable feel in the office.

The front desk staff had a positive attitude and was patient with me.

My counselor helps me out when I need it most.  I can always count on them to say the right things, even when I don't want to hear it.

They gave me hope for the future.  Life saving.

I'm so appreciative of my therapist's knowledge, skill and understanding.

Meeting with my therapist has been making my life and relationships a lot less stressful.

Easy to work with.  You can tell they genuinely care about their clients.

I found scheduling flexible to my needs.

The staff have good attitudes and open minds.

Talking with my therapist is helping, instead of holding it all in.

Listens to both my child and me.  Getting us through some very difficult times with care and compassion.

It is a very comfortable atmosphere.  Everyone is flexible and understanding!


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