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by Diane Cerven, LPCC

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With the recent celebrity deaths by suicide it’s on our minds to reach out to people in need.

We look at celebrities who kill themselves and we ask, why?  They’re rich, they’re famous.  If someone like Anthony Bourdain can commit suicide, when he seemed to be living the dream, what’s the point of my life?  What’s there to live for?  Many of us have these thoughts run through our minds.  Especially when suicides are in our newsfeeds and on tv.

For some of us, it’s more than just a passing thought.  They are real questions that we’re asking ourselves.  They’re real feelings of hopelessness, sadness, even numbness that cloud our minds, cloud our lives.  Those questions drive us to despair, and lost in our depression, our pain, our chronic medical condition, our grief, we just want it all to end.  Believing that our pain ending is the only way through this, and to end our pain suicide is the answer, but it’s not.

There is hope, let us help you find it.  Psychotherapy has been found to be an effective way of helping people to get through their mental pain.  Talking to a counselor, someone who is empathetic, and impartial, who can help you to see there could be a tomorrow without the depression being so large.  A counselor can use their training and therapeutic techniques to help.

It takes a choice on your part.  You can continue listening to the questions, to the depression, to the emotional desire for things to get better but wanting to end it quickly.  Or you can give counseling a chance and start the work of getting better with support.  Call us at 218-366-9229 to schedule an appointment with a Lake County Associates counselor.


Diane Cerven, LPCC

Considering Suicide Right Now?

If you’re in crisis and considering suicide now, please contact one of these resources, 911, or go to the nearest emergency room. We want you to be safe.


24 Hour Crisis Line (for adults and children):        1-800-422-0045
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:     1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
Crisis Text Line:         Text MN to 741741


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