Navigating the Changes in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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by Loretta Bach, LADC

  • What’s the difference between a Rule 25, a Chemical Use Assessment and a Comprehensive Assessment?
  • What is Peer Support and Treatment Coordination?
  • Do I need Outpatient Treatment, Substance Use Disorder Treatment or Residential Treatment?
  • What’s the difference between Withdrawal Management and Detox?
  • How do I pay for services…what’s a PMAP…what is a Consolidated Treatment Fund?
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If you or a family member find yourself in a position where you believe a problem has developed with mood altering chemicals it may be a confusing and daunting task to know where to turn and how to get help.

My name is Loretta Bach and I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. I started partnering with Lake Country Associates (LCA) in Park Rapids and surrounding communities this February. In my bio on the LCA Website, I mentioned that I have been working in the field of addiction treatment (no, wait, its now “Substance Use Disorder” treatment) since 1986. Over that time, I had been fortunate to work with many talented and forward-thinking professionals; delivering care in the treatment of chemical dependency. With my community partners, we have adapted to countless changes, challenges, and advances in treating Substance Use Disorders (SUDs).  I have had the opportunity to see many changes in the field over the past 30+ years and I look forward to working with LCA in adapting to the new round of changes that are set to be put in place July 1 of this year.

The good news is we live in Minnesota, which has been a pioneer in this field.  Many other states have looked to us as a model to help the populations in their respective states.  Lake Country Associates has invested the time with consultations, webinars and meeting with surrounding county workers to make sure we can provide the direction and assistance needed with our unique challenges of delivering care in our rural setting.

Are the upcoming changes to SUD in MN confusing? Yes

Are these changes meant to improve the care to people needing help? Yes

Have many people spent countless hours pondering changes and listening to professionals in the field in order to put a workable system in place? Yes

Am I dedicated to helping you navigate the changes and get the services you need? Absolutely!

I look forward to being a part of this transition with you and to helping you get the services that best fit your situation.

There are a couple ways to learn more:

– You can call your county Social Service Department. In Hubbard County, the contact staff is Tammie Roth.

– You can call Lake Country Associates at 218-366-9229 and talk with me about your questions or set up an appointment for a “Rule 25” or for care associated with a (join me in practicing the new terminology) “Substance Use Disorder”.

Loretta Bach, LADC



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